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Confusing & Difficult but Worth It

By admin, January 4, 2014

When I consider all of the times I’ve thought “Gee, must be nice” or “Sure, if I had your luck I could succeed too” I am reminded of the times these thoughts have come from others when considering my own good fortunes. Without a doubt, my good fortunes have come from hard work, at times agony, and absolute trials that lasted for years upon years. Nothing fell into my lap, and I continue to work hard to progress on the path I have chosen for myself. No doubt, the same is true for most of us. There is beauty in success. Not only financial success of course, but success in finding true friendship, love, contentment, knowledge, and other achievable goals. We just have to remember that the “underside” of this beauty reveals the hard work required to achieve these things and the often utterly confusing paths taken to achieve that which we goal for. Unfortunately, the entangled paths don’t always make sense until after completion of the goal. For this reason, it is important to power through lest we miss the reward…